2017 FAI World Fly-in Expo will be held on Nov.4-7, 2017 in Wuhan, Hubei Province, the first ever in China and will be hosted onwards.

WFE is acronym for 2017 FAI World Fly-in Expo. Its aims are to enrich air sport competitive events, build big air sport brand competitions, satisfy audiences’ demand of more air sports events, promote local social and economic development, contribute to the sports-power building of the country. WFE has been listed in the AERO SPORTS INDUSTRY DEVELOPMENT PLAN, jointly issued by nine state ministries including the General Administration of Sports and the State Development and Reform Commission. WFE is the keynote event of Aero Sport Federation of China ( ASFC) of its 13th Five-year Plan. Our goal is to make WFE a world’s first rate and China’s No. 1 international air sport Gala of multiple function and loved by the world air sport enthusiasts, becoming platforms of international general aviation aircraft distribution, R & D experiment, economic and trade activities, international air sports cultural exchange and youth science and patriotism education. In the long run, WFE will be acted as a platform and extended outbound in the purpose to develop Wuhan’s general aviation industry. The city commits itself to build general aviation industry chain and set a model of win-win integration of air sport and urban development.

Four parties jointly play host to the WFE, namely FAI, ASFC, Wuhan Municipal People’s Government and Hubei Provincial Sport Bureau. WFE will be organized by Wuhan Economic and Technical Developing Zone (Hannan District Government) and Wuhan Sport Bureau. Theme of WFE is described as “The vast sky, we fly together”.

WFE will last four days staging three units everyday from morning till night composed of air shows, competitions and experience during each unit. The site of WFE locates in General Aviation Airport at Wuhan Economic and Technology Developing Zone (Hannan District).

The scale of 2017 FAI World Fly-in Expo is quite large with 788 aircrafts, among them 588 will be used for air show and 200 for exhibition. More than 1000 pilots, athletes, coaches, referees will take part in the show and competitions, among them about 100 from overseas, 30 countries. FAI and some NACs will send officials to attend WFE. Exhibition attendees will amount to 100, mainly from general aviation companies and other related industry federations, clubs and enterprises.

WFE comprises 6 parts of air show, competitions, record-setting, welfare plus interaction experience, exhibition and forum. Air show will be made up of eight items and 30 disciplines which are aerobatic flying, powered hang gliding, air balloon, indoor skydiving, paramotor, rotorcraft, air model and UAV. Attractive disciplines will include formation flying, air typing, sky media, fairy sky diving, flag fluttering, formation sky diving, turbo aircraft of air modeling, hot air balloon burner parada, paramotor and UAV lighting flying. Besides the air sports, concerts will be conducted in the evenings.

Competitions will include three international competitions namely China International Air Balloon Open, International Paramotor Invitation, International Skydiving Championship and two national competitions named as National UAV Professional Technical Talents Grand Prix and Innovative Aircraft Challenge. The National UAV Professional Talents Grand Prix will be jointly organized by General Administration of Sport, All-China Federation of Trade Unions and All China Sports Federation. The Innovative Aircraft Challenge is a competition made to encourage the spirit of innovation among the people. Athletes and their works will be solicited online and results will be decided by voting. Novel aircrafts can be seen and will be exhibited during period of WFE.

There are two record-making events. One is 100 wedding ceremony in balloons trying to set a new Guinness record. The other one is paramotors launch together trying to set a new national record (the present national record is 67 paramotors).

Welfare plus Interaction Experience include, “The sky is broad, let’s fly together” welfare event, Champion signature activity, Ballooning, Wind tunnel, VR, Simulated flight, Boilerplate, Air modeling and Paper airplanes.

Two exhibitions will be held during WFE, one is indoor, the other is outdoor. The two exhibitions consist of eight parts, of which the indoor area covers 20,000 square meters that can hold 100 exhibitors, while the outdoor area covers 60,000 square meters which can exhibit more than 200 aircrafts.

Besides of above events, FAI meeting attended by its officials and Air Sports Industry Summit will also be constituted to the WFE.

As a comprehensive event, WFE will be presented with strong sense of spectatorship, experience, international involvement and close bound of the local social and economic development. From the air sport point of view, WFE is characterized of highest specification, largest scale and the most colorful contents.

Overall, WFE 2017 is elaborately designed with colorful contents and will become the most visual and astounding air sport spectacle in China.


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